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Auto & Homeowners Newsletter - July 2018

Keep Thieves Away

Over 3 million US households experience a home burglary every year. This theft peril merits underwriting attention because it is a common occurrence. Many items of personal property are easily stolen, including jewelry, guns, stereos, televisions, and computers/tablets. It is often easy for a burglar to fence or pawn this property. Also, many home owners do not practice effective loss control concerning this exposure, including simple things such as locking doors and windows.
Most home burglars go after easy targets. So here are some home burglary loss control tips for you to make potential burglars think twice about choosing you as their next victim.
  • Consider home security alarms, which are typically packaged with numerous yard signs and window stickers. Display these throughout your property to deter burglars in the first place. Look into high-tech devices such as the Ring Video Doorbell, which allows you to see a person at the door while you are away and obtain great video images. 
  • Never open the door to strangers, and never let them know you are alone. Make sure you use your peephole (or install one if necessary).
  • Keep your garage door closed at all times, even when you are home since this is a vulnerable part of your home when the door is up.
  • Verify that your door locks and window locks are sturdy and strong. Additional deadbolts and sliding glass door/window locks may also be warranted.
  • Limit the cash in your home and lock other valuables in a home safe or (better) a bank safety deposit box.
  • Trim your shrubbery around your home to diminish cover for burglars. They want to be as inconspicuous as possible.
  • Maintain adequate exterior lighting, including motion sensitive light.
  • Notify a trusted neighbor when out of town to pick up your mail and newspapers so that it appears someone is occupying the home.
  • Stay away from a burglar that enters your home. Use a cell phone to contact police, and try to go to a neighbor's home.
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